Sunday, May 16, 2010

Background info & Amazing Videos ^^

Background info:
 1. The East Asian Giant Hornet, some facts:
  • The stinger of the Asian giant hornet is about a quarter-inch (6 mm) in length, and injects an especially potent venom that contains an enzyme so strong that it can dissolve human tissue.
  • Masato Ono, an entomologist at Tamagawa University near Tokyo, described the sensation [of being stung] as feeling “like a hot nail through my leg.
  • Like all hornets, V. mandarinia [fancy for Big F'in' Bee] can sting repeatedly, and do so when they prey on bees and other insects [and presumably would with me too].
  • If a person is stung by the giant hornet and does not receive prompt medical treatment, he or she may die from a reaction to the venom. About 40 people die each year after being stung by giant hornets, mainly as a result of an allergic reaction to the venom.
  • The hornets can devastate a colony of honeybees: a single hornet can kill as many as 40 honeybees per minute; it takes only a few of these hornets a few hours to exterminate the population of a 30,000-member honeybee hive, leaving a trail of severed insect heads and limbs.
  • In Japan’s mountain villages, the hornets are valued as part of the basic diet. They are eaten deep fried or as a kind of hornet sashimi.
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 2. Worlds largest Snow Culpture located in China. 

3. The biggest Postbox in the World, a sculpture made for the 100th year of the post office opening in a small canadion town.


Someone has a lot of time on their hands :/ 

I would never do that 0o 

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