Sunday, May 16, 2010

Background info & Amazing Videos ^^

Background info:
 1. The East Asian Giant Hornet, some facts:
  • The stinger of the Asian giant hornet is about a quarter-inch (6 mm) in length, and injects an especially potent venom that contains an enzyme so strong that it can dissolve human tissue.
  • Masato Ono, an entomologist at Tamagawa University near Tokyo, described the sensation [of being stung] as feeling “like a hot nail through my leg.
  • Like all hornets, V. mandarinia [fancy for Big F'in' Bee] can sting repeatedly, and do so when they prey on bees and other insects [and presumably would with me too].
  • If a person is stung by the giant hornet and does not receive prompt medical treatment, he or she may die from a reaction to the venom. About 40 people die each year after being stung by giant hornets, mainly as a result of an allergic reaction to the venom.
  • The hornets can devastate a colony of honeybees: a single hornet can kill as many as 40 honeybees per minute; it takes only a few of these hornets a few hours to exterminate the population of a 30,000-member honeybee hive, leaving a trail of severed insect heads and limbs.
  • In Japan’s mountain villages, the hornets are valued as part of the basic diet. They are eaten deep fried or as a kind of hornet sashimi.
  • (from
 2. Worlds largest Snow Culpture located in China. 

3. The biggest Postbox in the World, a sculpture made for the 100th year of the post office opening in a small canadion town.


Someone has a lot of time on their hands :/ 

I would never do that 0o 

Saturday, May 15, 2010


Background info:

1. Polish businessman and philanthropist Daniel Czapiewski built The Upside Down House as a statement about the Communist era and the end of the world. It took 114 days to build because the workers were so disoriented by the angles of the walls. It certainly attracts its fair share of tourists to the tiny village of Szymbark, who often become dizzy and ‘seasick’ after just a few moments inside.

2. The ‘bubble house’ of Tourrettes-sur-Loup, France, is only 35 years old and has yet to be finished, but that hasn’t stopped the French ministry of culture from listing it as a historic monument. Designed in the 70s by Hungarian architect Antti Lovag for fashion designer Pierre Cardin, the bubble house is futuristic yet organic, with lots of built-in furniture and oval, convex windows. The design is meant to take optimal advantage of the volcanic Côte d’Azur landscape, and its windows certainly provide a beautiful view of the Mediterranean.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Explanations and Vids!!

Background info:

1. Akepa bird, thought to be one of the smallest in the world.

2. Largest Pig in the world, shown at a show in China.

3. Smallest Horse in the World, Einstein living in Germany. 


1. Worlds biggest Cow getting measured

2. Worlds smallest horse

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Business as usual ;)

Background Info:

1. Biggest Sandcastle in the world, Myrtle Beach, USA.

2. Smallest Pig in the UK

3. Polar Lights


1. Cute ;)

2. Only watch if you are not Arachnophobic :S    

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Background info:

1. Museum on top of a rock in China

2. Stone being transported on a huge carrier in Russia.

3. Philadelphia Art Museum during an exhibit.  


He is certainly brave ;) 

I hope no one slips lol

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Sources & Videos

Background info on the pics:
1. A chair sculpture in England.

2. A british Woman with a debiliating condition that makes her feet grow.

3. A regular Building covered up with a Dali-Esque Poster while undergoing reconstruction.

1. Amazing Sand Art. Click

2. No comment ;) Clickme

Monday, May 10, 2010

Info & Vids

Background Info on the pictures:

1. Lenticular clouds, which usually occur around Mountains.

2. A performance Artist, he is wearing an articifial arm that is fixed to the wall and holding him up.

3. A Sculpture in Manchester, England


Most T-shirts ever worn at once (lol) Click :)!